Do I really need a wedding video?

This will be short and sweet. Yes, I suggest getting a wedding video. If it's really important to you, have it professionally done with proper editing and music. It can be an awesome piece you can watch on your anniversary or show your kids. If it's something you need to sacrifice in the budget, then have a friend video tape it. (I know some videographers are screaming right now, sorry, but some brides can't afford a wedding video and they must choose between video and photography.)

Personally, I regret not having even a simple video of our wedding ceremony. As the bride, you spend months planning a wedding, picking out the flowers, the dress, the music for the ceremony, etc. It's not until after the ceremony that you realize you were the last one in the church (or whichever ceremony location you choose), and you were the first one out, leading the wedding party. I wanted to watch my friends walk down the aisle, hear the music I had chosen, and even see some faces of our guests...but, I missed it. The worst part is, you are so nervous walking down the aisle, trying not to trip and making sure to smile, that most of the wedding is a blur.

So, if not for the occasional walks down memory lane, get a video so you can watch and enjoy all the planning that went into it. It should be the wedding you dreamed of, and I wouldn't want you to miss it.

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Anonymous BlueT said...

I think we do need a wedding video. Its just like the photos, but better, you can hear what you said, and you can even record the song

5:28 PM  

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