Lemon Drops

Handmade Bridal NecklaceLemon Drop Necklace

If you are interested in a little bit of color in your bridal jewelry, this unique handmade bridal necklace features a delicate faceted lemon quartz briolette drop. If you are lucky enough to have a yellow diamond engagement ring, this jewelry set is the perfect accent to your luxurious look. Embellished with pearls, Swarovski Crystals, clear handmade glass beads and sterling silver, this unique bridal necklace is a modern display of a timeless bridal look. The unique necklace can be worn again after your wedding day as well, so if you are looking for versatility and elegance combined, this is a great choice. Price $140, Buy Now. (This is no
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Handmade Bridal Earrings Drops, Dangle EarringsLemon Drops - Earrings

These simp
le drop earrings feature sterling silver chain and faceted lemon quartz briolette drops. Designed to match the bridal necklace with the lemon quartz drop, these earring are the perfect completion to your bridal jewelry set. If you are looking for a touch of color for your bridal look, this bridal jewelry set is the perfect solution. Price $60, Buy Now. (This is not an add to cart button, this will bring you to the products page on www.kincaidesigns.com)

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